Open letter to our community ~
Dear Friends,

The time has come for all to stand up and be heard on the issues facing all birthing women now and in the future in the state of Arizona.  The current Rules and Regulations governing out of hospital birth with licensed midwives in the State of Arizona are antiquated and severely limit the type of care that can be provided.  We need everyone to stand up for this cause as it affects the future of all our children.  You, your daughter, your daughter in law, your granddaughter, your sisters and sister in law all are and will be affected by the lack of choice currently available in the State of Arizona.

The current standard of care for pregnancy, labor and birth is set by many different obstetrics and gynecology organizations and updated continually; however many of the rules and regulations regarding the scope of practice for licensed midwives has not been updated since 6/18/2002 to update the responsibilities of a Licensed Midwife and 3/14/1994 for all other rules including, but not limited to, the scope of practice.  It is time for these rules to be brought up to current standards, so that adequate and appropriate care can be provided to all birthing women, regardless of where they choose to birth and with whom they choose as their care provider.

Further, many of the rules jeopardize excellent and continuous care of women and babies. Did you know that if you transfer care from a midwife, EVEN IF YOUR SITUATION RETURNS TO NORMAL, you can not resume care with her at anytime? For example, if you are diagnosed early on with placenta previa, your midwife must transfer care and even if your placenta moves to a better location (which 80% do) you can not come back under her care. If you bleed over 500cc (which is not even considered a hemorrhage) after birth your midwife must call 911 and transfer you to the hospital EVEN IF YOUR MIDWIFE STOPPED YOUR BLEEDING AND YOU ARE STABLE!

Did you know that due to a law created 60 +years ago you MUST get a Syphilis test. YOU CAN NOT DECLINE THIS TEST! This rule goes against everything we have worked so hard to get – patient autonomy!

We are in need of support!!!  There are many ways in which to offer support including, but not limited to: Volunteers, Letter Writers, Signature gatherers for petitions, Media coverage, Letters to the editors, Access to Lobbyist, Politicians, Other organizations that can further our cause, Attorneys that are able to negotiate the state and those that understand human rights, web hosting and of course monetary donations.  We look forward to working with the masses to create change in our birthing community. For the sake of all women and families we take a stand!

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